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hi guys… do you know aromatherapy candles or not?

This aromatherapy candle is used for any therapy that is carried out in the room. for example for reflexology therapy, psychological therapy that requires calm and even for other special therapies. Here I know. this is our product, you know.. our product is made from used cooking oil and a mixture of NaOH, but it’s safe to enjoy the aroma. because the aroma is from the typical plants obtained from natural fragrances, yes.

We deliberately created this aromatherapy candle, because the market needs are very important, such as the need in hotels that are needed for toilet fragrances or for use in reflexology in other hotel rooms or for indoor use, you know.We produce these aromatherapy candles because we want our products to be known by all levels of society, both domestically and internationally.We sell these aromatherapy candles at various prices, some are priced at 25 thousand rupiahs and even tens of millions of rupiah. The aromatherapy candles that we design are superior quality aromatherapy candles. Where aromatherapy candles are durable and of good quality, which are made from materials that are not contaminated with other harmful ingredients.

We prioritize quality, because we believe that many of these aromatherapy candle products are in need. both from within the country and even abroad (overseas).For readers, fans, connoisseurs and wise buyers, order a lot. This is our contact number 087871271585 or 081318016250 with Ms. USWHA. HAPPY BUYING and HAAPY SELLING, TRYING AND REMARKETING YAAA. good luck always ^_^  Keep lots of orders. can’t say no ^_^.

This aromatherapy candle is for sale. quick. export prices can be…… the important thing is the quality is okay. minimum order 500pcs (export), with various variations.for domestic sales, it’s enough for only 35 thousand rupiah. Okay yaa.

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  1. very inspiring this is a very very cool home business idea because it is very useful and the materials used are also cheap but of good quality. Thank you for the explanation it really adds to my knowledge and good luck always❤️

    • because the hobby that really makes this heart more enthusiastic and moved to be able to research is cooking. our little family is very fond of culinary destinations. So I have to be good at cooking. especially if the dish lacks salt, even a little can be a hassle and many commentators can be heart-wrenching. hohohohooh

      I actually have a lot of hobbies. but the most dominant is cooking. because I just love cooking. Moreover, this ethnic cuisine is the most sought after and purchased menu by all people. and cooking also the processed products can be used as an additional business world and new income at home, you know.

    • To package this aromatherapy candle, it is in a packaging that is in accordance with its designation. These candles last for months to years. if you want to make aromatherapy candles, you should keep them out of the reach of children. because the ingredients are made of chemicals in the form of sodium hydroxide and used cooking oil as well as other synthetic dyes. or if you don’t want to make it complicated, you can order it from our home industry at AFFDY CRAFT. the contact number is at 081318016250 or to 08781271585. The price is friendly. Aromatherapy candles are eco-friendly and economical

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